What PAWM Provides

PAWM is located in Grand Rapids, MI on the Mercy Health (formally St. Mary’s Medical Center) campus and serves the Greater Grand Rapids area as well as the Lakeshore areas, such as the communities of Holland and Muskegon. We are committed to helping Parkinson’s Disease (PD) patients and their families/caregivers understand PD and learn about activities and support groups that may help with the management of PD.

PAWM is a source for PD related information. We help promote many different PD related activities, including online information, programs on physical and speech therapy, relaxation training, and other measures which are important in learning to live with PD.  You may choose to learn about home health care or to hear presentations by neurologists and other health professionals with PD experience and training.  Having this website will allow us to keep our information current and easy for you to access anytime, day or night.

PAWM is constantly searching for and providing current information pertaining to research, treatment, and topics that would be of interest to people with PD, their families, and their caregivers.

PAWM provides the following services for people with PD and their families/caregivers:

 Timely and accurate information on this website, on Facebook, and through printed material;
 A dynamic Search Engine providing a wide range of PD Information, including books, Local Support Groups, Clinical Trials, and information on specialized services, such as a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Support Group;

 A connection to exercise and other special classes for people with PD;
 Notification of opportunities to participate in studies;
 Lectures and events featuring experts;
 Social opportunities and connections;