It is nice to there is someone you can talk to about Parkinson’s Disease. There are three ways to get support for individuals with PD or family members impacted by PD.


Participation through a local Support Group

You can enjoy joining a Support Group to:

Develop friendships with others who understand your situation.
Share information and tips to help you and others cope with PD.
Listen to experts talk about topics of interest.
Know that you are not alone.

Support Groups can be found in various cities throughout Michigan.  The following links can help guide you to a Support group in your area:

  Grand Rapids Area
  Holland Area
  Montcalm County
  Muskegon Area
  Newaygo County

There is typically no charge for Support Groups unless otherwise stated.  The Exercise Programs may have fees associated with them.

The Young Onset Support Group meets at a various days, times, and locations.  This is to accommodate the Partners with Parkinson’s (PwP) lifestyle and schedule.  Please watch our Facebook page for announcements.  You will also learn about meetings from our Mailing list subscription.  Additionally, you can email our President, Brian Toronyi, at


Clinical Trials

Participation in Clinical Trials can also provide support from an experienced team of research professionals. To locate Clinical Trials currently being made available to individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, CLICK HERE.


Contact a Parkinson’s Disease Advocate

PD affects patients in different ways at different stages.    Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with PD for many years, PD Advocates can help you better communicate with your healthcare provider and find resources you may not otherwise know exists.  PD Advocates are a group of specially trained professionals dedicated to providing the latest education, support, and resources to people living with PD.

Your PD Advocate is not a substitute for your doctor or your doctor’s medical expertise.  PD Advocates cannot provide medical advice.  Any medical questions should be directed your doctor.  However, the more prepared you are when you visit your doctor, the more your doctor can help you.  A PD Advocate can offer you:


Help you learn about different stages of PD and what you can expect at your stage of the disease;
Provide access to educational information about the PD journey to individuals or in a group setting.


Help you deal with your concerns;
Provide you with useful information;
Help you prepare for meaningful conversations during your doctor visits;
Encourage you to discuss all your symptoms with your doctor.


Help you find a specialized physician that focuses on the treatment of PD, typically referred to as a Movement Disorder Specialist.
Help you understand the benefits of holistic care and a team approach to treatment (for example, how a therapist can help you as your PD progresses).

The Parkinson’s Disease Advocate Program is available to people who have been diagnosed with PD and those who care for a PD patient.  To request an PD Advocate, visit the Partner’s in Parkinson’s website,  The website provides useful information about PD.  You can also sign up to be contacted by a trained PD Advocate in your area.