Welcome to the Official Website for the Parkinson’s Association of West Michigan (PAWM).

A desire to learn and interact through a group provides many benefits. Socializing and sharing can enhance our lives. PAWM is open to your ideas as well as helping address your needs. We are dedicated to providing support, events, and information for people with Parkinson’s in the West Michigan area.

PAWM is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing support, information, and connections to the global community for caregivers, families, and people with Parkinson’s Disease.  To learn more about PAWM, click HERE.

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Current Events

November 4 (Sunday): Self-Guided Hike on the White Pine Trail

Registration begins at 1:00 pm at the pavilion next to the White Pine Trailhead, just a few blocks west of the library, off W. Cherry Street. On the North Country Trail map, it is mile marker MI 938. Markers will be placed every half mile with spotters along the trail, so participants are able to choose their distance. This is a family-friendly hike on a smooth, paved trail also used as a bike path. Hiking poles are recommended. The hike will be canceled in the event of a weather advisory.

After our hike we will meet at the Cedar Springs Brewery for after hike drinks, appetizers and conversations. Later join the NCT– West Michigan Chapter for their annual business meeting and dinner, immediately after.

Hike for Parkinson’s Patch

These 4 miles count towards our Hike for Parkinson’s patch. You can kick start your program at this annual event or add to miles that you already hiked. A patch can be earned by someone that suffers from Parkinson’s or a family member/friend. Contact Paul Spoelstra for further information related to the hike or the patch program: 616-890-7518 or spoelymi@comcast.net.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!  GVSU PD CLASS PROJECT: DPT students’ Neurological class assignment this upcoming Fall Semester.

GVSU is recruiting community volunteers to participate in a one-session interview experience with a graduate Physical Therapy student as part of a neurological class assignment for this fall (September) semester.

This is a very rich learning activity that Cathy Harro conducts each year in the fall semester for the GVSU DPT students’ neurological studies.  Her educational goal is helping the students gain an understanding of the personal perspective of living with PD, the daily challenges, and the health/wellness needs of individuals with PD.  The students are really appreciate meeting and talking with these folks and benefit from this personal interview. It is a great way for group members to connect to the students as well and volunteers seem to enjoy the experience.  Cathy and her team at GVSU really value linking the students with the community.

WHAT:  To answer some structured interview questions, tell your story, share your insights and perspective on living with Parkinson’s disease.
WHEN: Early September, 2018 through end of 2018 (students will set up interview time with you)
WHERE: Students can meet you at a convenient location for you (your home, workplace, coffee shop or even the GVSU downtown Health Science building)

It is always a challenge each year to get sufficient number of community volunteers.  Therefore, Cathy teams up with PAWM to reach out to the PAWM audience to spread the word.  Please CLICK HERE for a FAQ download about the program.  Please feel free to reach out to Cathy directly if you have any additional questions about this project.

Cathy C Harro PT, DPT, MS
Board-Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist
Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Grand Valley State University College of Health Professions
Assistant Director, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital and Grand Valley State University Residency in Neurologic Physical Therapy
Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, 301 Michigan St NE, Suite 268, Grand Rapids MI 49503
Phone: 616-331-5974    Fax: 616-331-5654   Email: harroc@gvsu.edu

PAWM is constantly searching for and providing current information sources pertaining to research, treatment, and topics that would be of interest to people with Parkinson’s, their families, and their caretakers.  To learn more, visit our About Parkinson’s page.

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