Fundraiser Registration

Gather your family, friends, and co-workers and form a team and help raise funds for research, programs, and services that will help improve the quality of life for those who live with Parkinson’s Disease.  A fundraiser you start does not have to be a PAWM-sponsored event.  It can be ANY event in which you wish to participate and raise funds toward the mission of PAWM.  (You are responsible to make sure you/your team is in compliance with the other event’s rules and regulations regarding fundraising or collecting funds for PAWM.)

This will also be used as your 'Title' on your Fundraising Page. It should be brief, yet unique to this fundraiser. Do not re-use previous fundraising names so that each fundraising goal is easily identifiable. (Examples: "Team Trouble: 2018 Reunion" , "John Smith's 70th Birthday"
Your event can be ANY event where you wish to raise PD awareness. It is not limited to only PAWM events. (This field will be used for tracking fundraising activity by event. Sometimes it might be the same as your team name. (Examples: "Move-It! Day", "John Smith's 70th Birthday")
This will be used to notify you when the status of your Donation Form is "active".
The amount of funds you want to raise. (Enter '0' if you wish to not have an established goal published.)
Please provide a couple paragraphs describing why you want to support PAWM. This will be posted directly on your donation form for others to see and help them want to support you.
Please upload an image of your face. Must be minimum 600x600 pixels. A picture adds a nice personal touch to your goal.