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Story Line: When Rose is diagnosed with early-onset of Parkinson’s, she meets Lukas, a frustrated young pupil who finds his release through Parkour (free running). A Kickstarter backed project by Kinetics Films.

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A statement from Sue Wylie, Actress and Writer: 

There is a real Lukas who goes by the name of Laszlo and I am the real Rose, diagnosed with Parkinson’s shortly after my 50th birthday. I was teaching part-time when Laszlo came to my attention. He was getting into trouble for free running on the school roof. It became clear on talking to him that he was is in danger of getting kicked out of school before he had completed his GCSE’s. I I suggested we write a short monologue in which he could express his frustrations that made him want to go running.

But then inspiration hit and I realised it would be a far more interesting story to contrast his world of extreme movement with my ever decreasing one. Thankfully this was enough to engage Laszlo and he managed to complete his GCSEs before fleeing the school for good .

The aim of this film is to be supportive to all those living with a chronic condition and informative to the Parkinson’s community be they medic, carer or member of the general public. Most important is that you enjoy watching.”