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Quest Research is your access to cutting-edge research in Parkinson’s Disease (PD).  Take an active role in your own care and get involved in research today.  In a recent study, 98% of Quest research patients reported learning something new about themselves or their disease.  Become one of the heroes that helps advance medical research for everyone impacted by PD.  Things to know about being in a clinical trial at Quest:

 All study medications, labs, and procedures are FREE OF CHARGE.

 Research participants do not need insurance to participate in a trial.

 Research participants are volunteers and can withdraw at anytime.

 Most of our trials provide a stipend for time and travel.

Learn more about treatments being explored for people with PD.  Work with a Parkinson’s Specialist and receive individualized attention.  Find support from an experienced team of research professionals.

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Dolly Niles, Executive Director